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Friday, July 22, 2005

asian women and sex

asian women and sex

On request I began slow gentle thrust and withdrawal motions, soon however she was asking for a greater thrust and movement. I obliged and the pleasant feeling in my penis increased but due to the double covering of rubber the sensitivity was reduced and enabled me to continue until with multiple climax Joan begged me to stop. My own climax was held in delay but I still had the pre-ejaculation sensation in my loins. After resting for a moment Joan started to rub my penis with long firm strokes, being slippery from both the KY jelly and her own natural juices her hands slipped nicely over my member, it was not long before semen was spraying into the sheathe as I climaxed. Getting up we both went to the shower, standing there together I removed my latex panties and we soaped and washed each other. Drying off and powdering each other Joan provided a latex bath robe for each of us before we went into the dining room to sit down to the cold collation she had prepared earlier. Our conversation revolved around the fetish that we both had for rubber and latex and the origins we thought had started the desire. Joan traced hers to child hood when she was put into rubber pants because of a bed wetting problem which was cured by the age of eight but she continued to secretly wear the panties which gave her a sense of security. Reaching puberty this became confused with her emerging sexuality until the two were joined in her mind and sexual pleasure was enhanced with the use of latex.

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